We love God. We believe in the Trinity,

and that Jesus Christ is

the Ultimate Hope for Mankind.

We are growing in Christ, loving each other as God’s family and we are praying over this beautiful community of Lakeville, Moncton and New Brunswick, Atlantic Region, our Nation of Canada and the World.

Our Mission

Let the Living Waters of Christ be a Lifestyle!

Our Values

Our Values are:

  • Bible Truths
  • Winning Souls
  • Helping the Needy
  • Helping Broken Lives
  • The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

Our Vision

A Church of restoration and empowerment, honoring and expanding God’s Kingdom with a Christ-Like Lifestyle.

Our Faith

Our Faith is in:

  • God’s Love for Humanity
  • Christ’s Life, Death, Burial and Resurrection
  • All The Promises Of God
  • The Amazing Hope Of Heaven
  • The Return of Christ for His Church
  • God’s Power to Transform People’s Lives
  • The Power of The Blood Of Jesus

Upcoming Events

Weekly Church Services Every Sunday Morning at 10:30 AM

Weekly Bible Study Every Wednesday Afternoon at 1:00 PM and Evening at 7:00 PM